Monday, December 29, 2008

December 27, 2008 - Willowbrook Ballroom

It was a Christmas Miracle at the Willowbrook Ballroom - the sound was perfecto right from downbeat. This can only be attributed to nobody touching anything on the soundboard prior to downbeat. The weather was wretched - massive melt off, fog, rain, but there was a nice crowd on hand to celebrate the holiday.

Meg and Claudia dressed in smashing santa outfits, but GK wussed out. Kevin Flanagan sat in on the lead alto chair for John Ruf, and young Mr Alex Blomarz sat in on Tenor for Peter. We also welcomed globetrotting Dan Gorski, who flew in from L.A. just to earn $50 playing for us!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1, 2008 - Hackney's

Solid, solid band. Mercy, mercy! The weather kept many of the usual crowd at home, but the band was out in full force. In addition to Keith Brady making a rare Monday night appearance on bass, Terry Connell and Tom Tumino punched up the trumpet section. Through some weird confluence of mystic influences, the entire sax section was on site at 7pm (an event that is said to occur only once every 25 years).

Vince spent all morning putting together a Christmas themed set, and realized at 8pm that he had left it at the office. There was a mad scramble as he tried to piece together a set and then pass it on to the band.

Highlights included Claudia performing Kenton's 'Tears Flowed Like Wine', and a very respectable attempt at Glenn Miller's 'Anvil Chorus'.