Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18, 2009 - Univ. of Chgo. Shoreland Hall

Herder lost the over/under for this gig, established on the drive down as 22 at 10:40p. Being a 'glass half full' guy, I hoped for more than 22 people in attendance, but a private party for dormitory residents has train wreck written all over it.

The Shoreland Residence Hall used to be the historic Shoreland Hotel in Hyde Park. The New York Yankees used to stay there when they were in town to pummel the White Sox, Al Capone had a poker room on site, etc, etc. We played in what was once known as the Crystal Room, which had a small stage and wonderfully ornate ceilings and walls.

The gig was surreal, as the very large crowd alternated between jamming to club mixes of "I Kissed 
A Girl", to jamming to our renditions of 'Big Noise' and 'Sing Sing'. The room was extremely 'live', so we didn't even use sound support. We simply plugged the piano and 2 vocal mics into the DJs board. The vocals seemed a little muffled, and we figured that it was what it was. Near the end of the first set, during Mack the Knife, all of a sudden everything kicked up to eleven. 

During the first set, some students helped themselves to our beer stash in the dressing room, which kind of sucked, but UofC was redeemed by bringing in 8 pizzas for us. Nice.

Chris Gorcik joined us on stand up acoustic bass, which really gave us a classic sound. 
Dan Gorski again flew in from Los Angles, which was great. He misses us. Here's the back of Dan's head after the gig. It wasn't minus 26 like it was a few days ago, but the snow was coming down.

Dan, Vince, John R and Jim B found a nice little tavern right around the corner, so we sat and listened to Gorski regale us with tales of LA script development. He's a got a television show being considered, but it sounds like Quantum Leap to me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 5, 2009 - Hackney's

If you present it, they will come. But will they spend? Thats the big question.

For the first Monday in January, there sure was a healthy crowd. And boisterous. John Herder brought a crew in from the Joliet American Legion Band (Natl Champs, dont ya know), and he ended up sitting in on Trumpet. Alex Blomarz again sat in on Tenor - college breaks are the best - and brought some young blood with. Drink of the night was Blue Moon and/or Guinness.

Set 1
Shortstop, April In Paris, Orange Colored Sky, Summit Ridge Drive, This Can't Be Love, Moanin, Makin Whoopie, Disc Jockey Jump, Frim Fram Sauce, Nice n Easy, Is You Is…

Set 2
Anvil Chorus, Tuxedo Junction, Stella By Starlight, Topsy, Travelin Light, Undecided, Blue Trane, Big Spender, Alright, OK