Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 5, 2009 - Hackney's Swing Session

To our great amusement, things got off to a rocky start tonight. While the band opened with a nice deep swingin Splanky, our guitarist Rob decided to start his night with A Train, which didn't really work too well. A Train changes over a Splanky intro sounds "all messed up and stuff". We all got a good laugh and moved on to the aforementioned A Train, where pianist Meg promptly played the old Nestico arrangment instead of the new and improved one. So instead of the nice piano intro everyone knows and loves, we got a thundering whole note. I tell the guys to turn in old charts when we replace them, but no one listens. Time to clean the books out. And while I'm at it, what the hell is it with Filthy McNasty? We've tried to play this chart every month for half the year, but it keeps changing numbers and disappearing from books. Its like some evil force is saying "oh no you don't'. As God is my witness, this chart will be performed in December.

The joint was jumpin and all tables were filled, which is always nice. The group from Arlington Heights made another drive out to hear us, God bless 'em, and OJDrummer #2 Gina Knight even came out for the hang. She brought with her a young man visiting from Germany. She sat in for a few numbers, and really sounded great on Cottontail.

Set 1
Splanky, A Train, Orange Colored Sky, Rockabye Basie, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Shortstop, Sophisticated Lady, Pick Yourself Up, You Don’t Know Me, Please Don’t Talk About Me, On The Street

Set 2
I Can't Stop Loving You, Every Day I Have The Blues, Sing Sing, Cottontail, The Very Thought of You, I Could Write A Book, Come Fly With Me, Big Spender